Sunny Brooks

Sunny Brooks writes Inspirational Fiction.

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A Simple Heart's Journey Home

AMAZON BESTSELLER! At every intersection of life, we have a choice to make and for Evelyn Freeman, the last major intersection came on the day when her Rumaspringa began…two years later she is living the life she thought she’d always wanted, only to realize that perhaps she has made the biggest mistake of her life.

By Sophie Mays, Sunny Brooks


Sunny Brooks is a little bit city, a little bit country, but a whole lot of love! She worked in the theater for years, producing period plays and productions, on everything from scrappy little stages to sold out amphitheaters. Through it all, she has found that one thing remains the same, no matter the size of venue or audience, a fantastic story is always moving regardless of budget, production quality or costumes. Sunny now lives the journey to make those stories of inspiration, heartache, redemption, strength and overcoming adversity, accessible to an even wider audience.  

When she is not writing, she attempts to be as good to her horses as they are to her, tries desperately to master the art of baking pies, and spends a whole lot of time reading (you guessed it) romantic novels!