A Christmas story of family, faith, and finding out that sometimes the mall Santa is more than meets the eye!

By: Sophie Mays

By: Sophie Mays

The last thing Colin expected this holiday season was to find himself without a job. More so, he never could have foreseen the interesting events that begin to unfold following; beginning with holding the door for a beautiful woman at the coffee shop. It just may be that Colin’s misfortune is the blessing in disguise he didn’t know he was waiting for. Will he return to his tried and true life, or take a chance on a new beginning?

Nora is on her chosen career path and feeling...stable. She works, she volunteers, she hangs out with her cat, Artemis; nothing has shaken up her world in quite some time. That is, until a chance encounter with a handsome, stranger.

Crossing paths with Nora sparks Colin's interest, but could a woman like that ever look at him as more than the nice, blue jeans wearing guy at Starbucks...especially if she found out he was also the mall Santa?

Take two strangers whose paths can’t stop crossing, and sprinkle in a little art, coffee, and an opulent holiday party. Mix it together, and you have been whisked away to the scenic Great Smoky Mountains for a cute, clean holiday romp!