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We have an amazing family of writers who love sending steady waves of inspiration, escape and happy endings out into the world! Meet them here~


Caroline Johnson

 Caroline johnson

Caroline Johnson originally hails from the Midwest, but now enjoys the warmer temperatures and hospitality of the South. She is a firm believer that everybody deserves a happy ending. As a lover of romance, Caroline is passionate about touching other people’s hearts with messages that true love always prevails.

 Visit Caroline Johnson's Goodreads Page

Visit Caroline Johnson's Goodreads Page

 Caroline’s stories run the gamut of historical tales of love to modern romances with relatable heroes and heroines. Because of her strong faith, Caroline’s stories are clean, wholesome and oftentimes Christian-based.

 When she’s not writing, Caroline is volunteering with her church or spending time with her husband, children and rescued pets. She loves hiking, biking, and exploring the beauty of nature, but is equally as fulfilled curled up on the couch with an almond milk latte and a good book. 

Sophie Mays

 sophie Mays
 Visit Sophie Mays' Goodreads Page

Visit Sophie Mays' Goodreads Page

Sophie Mays is a contemporary romance author who focuses on inspirational stories with heartwarmingly happy outcomes. Believing that we are all put on this Earth with a purpose, no matter how big or small it seems, Sophie knows that without a doubt each and every one of our contributions is essential to making the world go round. After many years of writing, and doing a great deal of soul-searching on the side, she found that her contribution was the thing that was obvious to all...she was through and through, devoted to bringing hope, happiness and motivating inspiration to every one around her. Whether through her books or her personal relationships, Sophie has always been known for her dogged dedication to making people believe that anything is possible if you truly believe and put your faith in up above.

Aside from being a full-time writer and optimist, Sophie maintains an impressive collection of magazines (piles of Southern Living and Real Simple are constantly being recycled by her husband), she is addicted to audio books, loves inspirational podcasts, and scours the globe (aka recipe books) in search of the perfect "healthy" dessert to bring to parties. She lives in the coastal South, where she feels lucky to get the best of both worlds: the sound of rolling waves, salty air, lemonade tea, and sweet Southern charm.

Sunny Brooks

 Visit Sunny Brooks' Goodreads Page

Visit Sunny Brooks' Goodreads Page

Sunny Brooks is a little bit city, a little bit country, but a whole lot of love! She worked in the theater for years, producing period plays and productions, on everything from scrappy little stages to sold out amphitheaters. Through it all, she has found that one thing remains the same, no matter the size of venue or audience, a fantastic story is always moving regardless of budget, production quality, or costumes. And she believes wholeheartedly that a good story will make you feel something every time. Sunny has now embarked on the journey of being a full time writer, to make those stories of inspiration, heartache, redemption, strength and overcoming adversity, accessible to an even wider audience. 

When she is not writing, she attempts to be as good to her horses as they are to her, tries desperately to master the art of baking pies, and spends a whole lot of time reading (you guessed it) romantic novels!